Dedicated breeder of healthy, happy & handsome Australian Labradoodles

Dedicated breeder of healthy, happy & handsome Australian Labradoodles

Dedicated breeder of healthy, happy & handsome Australian LabradoodlesDedicated breeder of healthy, happy & handsome Australian LabradoodlesDedicated breeder of healthy, happy & handsome Australian Labradoodles

At Lane's End, we are strongly focused on health and  calm,human-focused  temperament when breeding Australian Labradoodles. 

Located on the beautiful Central Coast,NSW

About Us

Why the Australian Labradoodle?

 Our Labradoodle journey started after our beautiful chocolate Labrador 'Olive' passed. I wanted the enthusiasm and gentle nature of the Labrador without the heavy frame and shedding coat. We found it in the Australian Labradoodle.

 I have enjoyed every moment with these dogs. They are the most eager, inquisitive, human-orientated dogs I have owned in my lifelong time with dogs. 

Our dream now is to share this amazing breed with you by ensuring we produce healthy, happy, handsome Australian Labradoodles to join your family and bring 

love, laughs, licks and life. 

We do this by focusing on creating a balanced foundation for our puppies that will help them to confidently transition into your human world.

Breeder Accreditation and Affiliations

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Our Responsible Breeding Practices and Processes

Full Breed DNA Profiling

Full Breed DNA Profiling

Full Breed DNA Profiling

All our dogs are screened for the most up-to-date genetic diseases that are breed specific to the Australian Labradoodle. We are also trained in analysing coat genetics. Understanding this area helps with predicting outcomes for coat colour and coat type.  We use this science to strive to meet the standards for the breed and produce high quality lines. We use Orivet  for this screening process.

Hip & Elbow Testing

Full Breed DNA Profiling

Full Breed DNA Profiling

We currently use the PENNHip test which must be performed by a certified veterinarian only. The specific radiographs are sent to the USA for screening and scoring. We send elbow radiographs  to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA, USA) for screening  related to  dysplasia. Bear in mind, however, that CHD is more affected by environmental factors than genetics. You can read more in my FAQs tab.

Temperament & Companionship

Temperament & Companionship

Temperament & Companionship

This is an important part of the selection process as the gentle, attentive and human-focused 'type' of the Australian Labradoodle is what makes it such an effective therapy dog as well as a dedicated family member. We use Puppy Culture to help us carry this through our lines and offer to you in your Lane's End puppy.

Using the Puppy Culture protocols, our puppies will have daily and continued exposure to handling and new experiences as part of their development. We do this to ensure they build confidence and acceptance of the human world so that when they come home with you, they are more confident and calmer and ready to be part of your world and continue learning with you.

Membership & Association

Temperament & Companionship

Temperament & Companionship

I am an active member of the World Australian Labradoodle Association #0919-00915.This association acts to verify the pedigrees and genetic testing of my dogs and ensures that they meet international standards that are  dedicated to improving the temperament, health, coats, and structure of our breed for its long-term well-being. 

I use specialist, experienced vets to assist in my breeding decisions. I would encourage you to make contact with them to ask any questions about my practices and dogs.

I also have an active affiliation with Disability Aid Dogs Australia. I have trained my own dog as a fully licensed service dog and seek to assist others in the community with this process.

Contact Us

Making a commitment to a Lane's End Labradoodle

It is my responsibility to make sure that my puppies will go to homes and families that are best suited to the Labradoodle breed. Please think carefully before you make a decision. It is a huge commitment to a little life and you will be their entire life! 

If you would like to be considered for a Lane’s End dog please go to  the Application Form tab and complete


 to enquire further about our dogs and puppies or to ask any questions of the breeder, please call or email me direct.

Lanes End Australian Labradoodles

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