Personality and Traits

Ginny, as she is affectionately known, has been with me since 8 weeks old. From the moment she arrived she has displayed a wonderful independence that is well balanced with the desire for human attention and affection. She is the more spirited of my tribe, seeking adventure and caring for the family pack. 

Her level of intelligence and willingness to train is high. Gingerbread has thrived on the leadership and guidance of her human and canine family. She loves nothing better than to go out for an adventure in the morning and then to come home and lounge in a sunny spot, snoozing and poddling around the property with her family from time to time to check on the ducks and the ponies.

I am excited to observe and guide Ginny in her development and to match her with a sire, when the time comes, that will compliment her wonderful traits and produce magnificent offspring.

Breeding Profile

Birth Date- 12 Dec 2018

Registration- WALA#00018689 

Colouring- Recessive Red  (Caramel)

Coat- Straight Fleece

Size- small medium (13kgs)