Jorge Girl

Personality and traits

This little beauty is the newest of our tribe. I have known about her even before she was born. This genetic line is exquisite, both inside and out. The progeny of her father is the proof in the pudding. They are the most loving, gregarious yet gentle souls of the Labradoodle family. Her mother is as a pretty as Jorge and her conformation is the 'type' I am seeking in my lines. Much like a Labrador (minus the weight) with a broad chest and head and a solid medium in size.

Jorge has accepted her forever family life with us with gusto. She already has the daily routine memorised, loving the morning romp in the garden after breakfast with her sisters and big brother, whom she adores. Jorge displays great confidence and a well balanced temperament. She is happy to occupy herself exploring in our gardens or snuggling with the family and getting belly rubs. She, like the other girls has a great capacity to run with the pack but also enjoy individual time and walks out on her own. I am pleased with this personality and temperament as it indicated a balanced, independent and human-focus. This is exactly what we seek to share with you in our puppies.


 Birth Date- 14 JUN 2019

Registration: WALA#00018667 

Colouring- Chocolate

Coat- Soft Fleece

Size- Large Medium (est.18kgs)