Personality and Traits

This sweet, beautiful girl came to us at the very small age of 8 weeks old, I had been watching her development from 2 weeks of age. My mother says she is a 'smile' that has come to our family, and this is the perfect metaphor for Maggie. She has so much love and affection to give to both her human and canine family. Her greatest joy is snuggling wherever you rest and making sure her head, or paws are in contact.

Maggie has always been very perceptive, often predicting our needs or requests even before the command is given. She loves to go for walks with us all and looks every passer-by in the eye and wags her tail and head with joy. Maggie has already completed her initial socialisation training, with honours, and is now developing her understanding of advanced training commands. I know she will be a valued friend in the therapy world and this is the direction we will take, alongside her big brother Alfie.

I already know she is going to love motherhood and adore her puppies as she is the motherly type with our tribe. During her very first heat she would grab her teddy bears and place them at her tummy and whimper and clean them, so adorable. Her photo gallery speaks for itself in terms of her eye-contact and willingness to please. A soft and gentle soul with an exquisitely handsome look. I am bursting with excitement to bring her puppies into the world.

Breeding Profile

Birth Date- 11 Jul 2018

Registration- WALA#00018666 

Colouring- Chocolate

Coat- Soft Fleece

Size- Medium/15kg