Planned Litters for 2020


Litter 1

This will be an exciting mating to compliment the temperament and gorgeous coat of Maggie. The sire I choose will be chocolate in colour, with the possibility of some white marking and or recessive red (caramel) colourings too.

These two should produce puppies with soft fleece coats. 

Colours will be in CHOCOLATE and there may be the chance of RED/CARAMEL too! They will be MEDIUM in size. 

I would anticipate an August 2020 date for puppies to go to their families.


Litter 2

I am planning on matching Ginny with a stunning red/caramel OR chocolate (carrying red) boy and have a few sires in mind at this stage! This could be an amazing match if the genetics decide to pass on the deep red caramel coat colour that Ginny obviously has. 

These two should produce a rainbow of CHOCOLATE and RED/CARAMEL coloured pups – from cream to dark red. They would be SMALL MEDIUM in size with soft fleece coats. 

I would anticipate a September 2020 date for puppies to go to their forever homes.


Litter 3

I am planning on matching Jorge with a sire that complements her balanced temperament. I am considering a medium size boy to create true medium and larger pups. The pups will be dressed in CHOCOLATE, all flavours are possible!

This litter would not be a available to go home to families until February 2021, but born December 2020. Watch this space!